Why do I say “Namaste”?

If you’ve been following this blog, you might have noticed that I close my posts not with the typical “Yours truly” or “Best wishes,” but instead with the less-known Hindi word “Namaste.”

Now that I’ve changed the focus of my blog, it seems like a good time to explain just why – even if you already know the meaning of the word.

If you don’t know its meaning, it has a few interpretations. Basically, “namas” means “to bow” and “te” means “you.”

So Namaste means “I bow to you.”

Other interpretations include:

“I honor the light within you.”

“The divine with me bows to the divine within you.”

Now, I’ve been using this closing since before I changed the focus of this blog to your worth (quick reminder: it’s high, very high!). But all along, I’ve found it deeply important to honor and respect the deep intrinsic worth of every human being, including you. And me.

What I find beautiful about the word “namaste” is its honoring of that spark within all of us. And even more beautiful, it is an exchange. In the Indian Subcontinent it’s a typical greeting, so that, like the word “hello,” when you say it someone, he or she will say it back to you.

And so, whenever I write this word, whether on this blog post or elsewhere, I try to remember to put my hands together, give my head a little bow, and remember to truly honor the divine in the other or others to whom I am saying this.

And when I do, I get a little feeling in my heart. It’s beautiful. Because when you honor the divine in others, you start to remember that each one of us has this spark of divine within – including you. It’s a beautifully humble way of honoring your own worth, along with the worth of others. I hope you will try it so that you can experience that small, beautiful feeling.

And with that, whomever you are reading this now, I say to you:



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