What’s So Great About a Complimentary Coaching Session?

A lot! You’d be surprised at the clarity and insight you can gain from just one session. Plus there’s no charge and no obligation.

A friend of mine took one of my complimentary sessions. She sent me an email and said this:

“You’ve got talent as a life coach and you get clients the results they want. You get them on the right track even when they can’t always put into words what they want. You help them to realize what they want deep down, on a spiritual level, if you will. That’s as deep as one can get and it’s the rare person/coach who can dig down that deeply and bring those hidden desires and dreams to the surface.

“You helped me visualize what I want and gave me ways to approach this and get what I want. You have great worth and a great gift.”

Another posted this on my FaceBook status when I offered complimentary sessions to my FaceBook pals:

“Janet is awesome at this. She is sensitive, a great listener, and works with you towards a satisfying resolution.”

Neither went on to become a client and that’s okay. I love witnessing how the coaching process helps people on a meaningful level. If I could afford to coach for free, I would! So this is a great way for me to offer a little free coaching to anyone who wants it.

But if you’re interested in this, now is the best time to book a free session. I have a few spots open in my coaching practice, so I’m happy to do as many as I can fit into my schedule. Once my practice is full, that won’t be the case.

To book a session, fill in the Complimentary Coaching Session form. I’ll get back to you within 48 business hours (probably far less) to schedule your session.

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