Because coaching is confidential, I’ve posted only initials and locations, with each client’s permission.

“I have really enjoyed our coaching sessions. My family has remarked that I seemed more focused and committed to moving forward with my job plans since I started working with you. I benefited from your encouraging words, as well as your open ended questions which encourage me to explore new avenues.  I liked ending each session with doable concrete action items, which helped boost my self-esteem and feeling of accomplishment while taking concrete steps towards a goal.”

F. S.

“She’s helped me not be in judgment of myself. Janet expands my thinking and challenges my viewpoint. She’s sensitive, kind, generous, and cares about what she does very, very deeply.”


“You’ve got talent as a life coach and you get clients the results they want. You get them on the right track even when they can’t always put into words what they want. You help them to realize what they want deep down, on a spiritual level, if you will. That’s as deep as one can get and it’s the rare person/coach who can dig down that deeply and bring those hidden desires and dreams to the surface.

“You helped me visualize what I want and gave me ways to to approach this and get what I want. You have great worth and a great gift.”


“Life coaching with Janet is one of the best things I’ve done in my life.  She has helped me clarify goals and direction for my life and then decide upon definitive steps to achieve those goals.  What I like most about working with Janet is her encouraging me to trust my own intuition and my own abilities to arrive at my own answers.”

Ayer, MA


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