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The Best Kind of Selling

I was at Trader Joe’s checking out their food demo. It was a flatbread pizza with lots of great toppings, but I couldn’t try it because of my wheat sensitivity.

So when Bob, the food demo guy, offered me a sample, I told him why I couldn’t eat it.

Bob asked me if I’d tried their gluten-free pizza, Pizza al Pollo Asado. I hadn’t, and I miss pizza! He asked co-worker Suz to show me where it was. She did, and then she offered to get me a printed list of all Trader Joe’s gluten-free foods. I declined.

Suz then pointed out the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that were right across the aisle from the gluten-free pizzas. If there’s one thing I miss as much as pizza, it’s chocolate chip cookies!

I happily went home with a pizza and cookies and ate both for lunch.

As I ate my pizza I wondered – was this customer service or was it selling?

I decided it was the best kind of selling. The kind in which the customer service is the selling.

How can you serve your customers or potential customers by letting them know how your product or service can truly help them?

That’s the kind of selling we can all be proud of.