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Why I Believe in Angels

I probably believed in angels before this happened. But this sealed the deal.

Shortly after I left my marriage, nearly 10 years ago, I started seeing the number 222 everywhere. On the microwave clock, license plates, etc.

It was often enough that I started wondering if it was a message. It couldn’t be a lottery number and even if it was, I didn’t care about the lottery.

So I finally said a prayer. I said that if it was a message, I didn’t understand it. I asked God to please help me understand it if it was a message If I didn’t receive an understanding, I would let it go.

Shortly thereafter, I was visiting a beautiful little spiritual shop owned by an acquaintance. I happened across a book called Healing with the Angels by Doreen Virtue. In it, these three-digit sequences were explained! The 222 sequence means “Your newly planted ideas are beginning to grow into reality…Keep holding positive thoughts, keep affirming, and continue visualizing.”

I took this as loving reassurance that things were going to be okay after the scary step I took in leaving my marriage.

A few months later, I was about to move to the next town over. I called the phone company to get a new phone number. A very nice woman answered. She said she would find an easy number so that it would be easy for my then-7-yr-old son to remember (isn’t that so sweet?).

Then she said, “Oh, I didn’t even have to try.” A number came up that ended with the sequence 444 – the number of the angels!!

Since then, I consider angels a big part of my life. I still often see the triple numbers and pay attention to what they mean. And I ask angels for guidance all the time.

Sometimes the very moment I ask them to help me with a problem, it’ll be solved, or I’ll get clarity. Could be a coincidence, I suppose. But if you believe in angels, what’s the difference between a coincidence and miracle?