Site Build It! Special Ending July 4 @ Midnight

I’m pretty slow with this, sorry. This is an opportunity for WAHMs that I like and respect, and that I have taken advantage of.

Site Build It! (aka SBI!) is a website building program, but it’s more than that. SBI takes you step-by-step through a process that allows you to build a business that will gradually increase your income.

This is great for someone who isn’t in a big rush to make money, but who, while she is home with the kids, would like an opportunity to create something that will allow you to build up income over time. That’s why I think it’s perfect for some work-at-home moms.

If you need money NOW, it’s not the best option. But if you’d like to build income gradually, over a period years – like an investment – this is a good opportunity.

To see the details of the special, they have a page just for WAHMs at SBI! – Work-at-Home Moms.

Basically, you can get two SBI! websites for $399 until July 4 at midnight. The usual cost is $299.

You can visit my own Site Build It! website at

I have a review of SBI! there at

If this opportunity appeals to you at all, I highly recommend that you read the review I wrote. It includes a lot of details about what SBI! is and what it does and does not offer.

When I started my own site, I took things slowly, and I think I built a pretty good site. I took the instructions to heart.

After a while, though, I needed to concentrate on other things. I have not been working on the site much at all for a couple of years.

Meanwhile, I’m making just about enough money to break even, without really trying. Of course, I want more than that. And I’m thinking that this could be a good time to work on the site again.

But here’s what impressed me: I now get between 60 to 100 unique visitors a day! The number of unique visitors has increased since I started the website, and even when it was new, I was getting more visitors than I had with my other websites.

If this appeals to you, I encourage you to take a look at the special. Again, it’s at SBI! – Work-at-Home Moms.

You can contact me with any questions. I’m away this weekend, but I’ll do my best to answer your questions. You can use the contact form here or email me at janet @



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