Below I’ve listed resources related to working at home, parenting, and coaching. This is a fairly new site and this page is a work in progress. So you may want to check this page now and then if you’re interested in these kinds of resources.

Web Design

Jessalyn Coolbaugh

Looking for a designer who is affordable, yet does as good a job as more expensive designers? Jes did the design for this site and its “sister site,” HeartBeat Children’s Music. She also designed the logos for each of the sites. She listened to exactly what I wanted and did a fabulous job giving me what I want and a lot more! And she did it for a ridiculously affordable fee. I highly recommend Jessalynn.

Fun & Joy


Actually, this is more than just fun and joy. TUT stands for “thoughts become things.” I get TUT’s Notes from the Universe in my inbox every weekday. They’re funny, personalized notes that will make you smile. The Universe is the sender – but they get Mike Dooley to type them up and send them. 😉

They’re fun to get. But you know what? They’ll help you feel better about yourself. And we life coaches know that feeling good about yourself and treating yourself well is the first step towards reaching your goals. I HIGHLY recommend you sign up for TUT’s Notes from the Universe! They’re free and if you don’t like them, you can unsubscribe any time.


If you think life coaching would be a good career for you, I can’t tell you how happy I am with my coaching school, iPEC (Institute for Excellence in Professional Coaching). I’m learning so much about how to offer true, deep value to my clients. The work is demanding, but it’s also enjoyable and inspiring!

You’ll also learn so much wonderful stuff about how to live a meaningful, fulfilling life. Because your coaching starts with yourself. It’s an exciting journey.

Please note – I am an affiliate for iPEC, and I will get a commission if you click on the banner below and then take the training. But please be assured, I recommend iPEC because I feel so strongly that it is an excellent life coach training school.

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