My Christmas Buttermilk Miracle (or Why I Love Easy World)

One of the coolest things I discovered this year was Easy World. Julia Rogers Hamrick wrote a book called Choosing Easy World. When you invoke it, life just gets easier. .

How do you invoke Easy World? According to Hamrick, you simply say to yourself “I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” Then you take a deep breath. And then you relax your muscles.

Sounds simplistic, but when I tried it, to my surprise, it worked! Maybe it was just a shift in outlook. But in her book, she describes uncanny coincidences, making it a fun read.

I bought the book, as well as a companion daybook, which has two pages of prompts to write in daily. I started my entries in April, but used it less frequently as the months went by, until I had completely forgotten about it.

A few days ago, I was looking in a drawer and saw the daybook. I hadn’t even realized that I had forgotten about it! The last entry was from August. The next morning I started writing in it again. That was this past Sunday, and I’ve written in it every day since.

I had an uncanny EW experience the very next day.

I decided to make my own chip dip to bring to our family Christmas gatherings. I found a dip recipe that called for Greek yogurt, dried herbs and dried buttermilk. Dried buttermilk? Never heard of it. I wrote down the ingredients and headed to the grocery store, figuring I’d settle for a packet of dried onion soup mix if I couldn’t find the dried buttermilk.

The organic section didn’t have dried buttermilk and it didn’t occur to me to look elsewhere. The onion soup mix contained MSG and hydrolyzed protein. My cousin-in-law has an MSG allergy, so making an exception for the holiday was out of the question.

Only one option remained. Look for the pre-made dips in the dairy section. They too had unhealthy ingredients, but at this point, I felt I had no choice. (I later learned that they too contained MSG.)

My shopping trip was almost over. I went to the Entenmann’s table, where – ironically perhaps – I was buying my son a box of pastry as a gift, something I would not ordinarily allow him to have. There was a little yellow box on the table, clearly misplaced. At first I ignored it. Then I decided, for no reason, to see what it was. Can you guess?

Yes, it was a little box of dried buttermilk!

In all my life, I’d never heard of dried buttermilk, let alone come across a box of it.

Could it have been just a coincidence? I suppose. But if it was, it was an uncanny one.

With a story like that, I half expected the dip to turn out to be spectacular. Well, not quite. But it was fine. Nobody was allergic to it. And maybe the people who ate it felt just a little bit better than whey would have, had they eaten MSG, hydrolyzed protein, partially hydrogenated oil, etc. (seriously, look this stuff up and you’ll never want to eat anything pre-made again).

I won’t be forgetting that EW daybook or invocation any time soon.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. The links to Julia’s pages are not affiliate links and I will not make a commission if you buy them. I just want you to be able to easily find them and check them out if you’re interested.


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