Mike Dooley + Kripalu = TOTALLY AWESOME!

It’s Tuesday and I’m still high off the excitement of a weekend at the Kripalu Center in Lenox, MA, to see Mike Dooley.

I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Dooley for years now, ever since I started getting his uplifting, whimsical Notes from the Universe.

The topic was “Playing the Matrix,” which is also what he teaches in his book Manifesting Change.

It’s basically Mike’s take on the Law of Attraction. He’s come up with his own set of rules and they rock!

We learned that it is okay to attach to what we desire, as long as it’s general. For instance, if what you want is a relationship, wealth, a fulfilling career, go ahead and attach. Just don’t attach to the details.

So do we avoid the details? Nope. We use those to get playful and visualize every little bit of what life will be like when we have what we want. And yet, the Universe may not give us exactly that car or exactly that job. That’s okay, because whatever it gives us will be perfect.

If “Playing the Matrix” is playing in your neck of the woods, I highly recommend you go! You can find out where Mike is appearing here:

World Tour III: Playing the Matrix

Looks like you’ll have the most luck if you’re outside the US at this point.

You can also learn to play the matrix from Mike’s book Manifesting Change. (link)

By the way, if you get the Notes, you won’t be surprised to hear that Mike is kind, warm, funny, playful, and just plain delightful.

Here’s a photo of us together from this weekend:

Mike Dooley and me



P.S. I didn’t forget about Part 2 of my last post. I just couldn’t wait to tell you about my visit to Kripalu. I’m still excited about it!

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