How I Manifested – then Unmanifested – Abundance

After my weekend with Mike Dooley, followed two days later by a powerful shamanic session with a coaching colleague, I was feeling fantastic and ready to manifest. And manifest I did! The day after the shamanic session, a friend told me about a high-paying opportunity as a home health aide one day a week, possibly leading to two days.

One day on this job would have paid over a third of my expenses, leaving me plenty of time to build my coaching business!

I called and it seemed that the job was mine. I made plans to visit the home later this week.

Meanwhile, a couple of other smaller opportunities came in. A woman took me up on a forgotten offer to review home pages for $79. A company requested a link to the home page of my website building website for $20 a month.

This manifesting stuff was really working!

So the other day, my ex-husband expressed some misgivings he had about the job. He insisted I’d have to lift the man I’d be working for, although that wasn’t listed as a job responsibility.

I went home, got onto the internet and looked up the job responsibilities of home health aides. I noticed that they require home health aide training, which I don’t have. I started worrying about that.

The next day, I called the woman offering the job to get some needed details. She was quite apologetic as she told me that the home health aide working there five days a week insisted that the new aide be trained as a home health aide.

It’s hard to say what would have been the best outcome. But in terms of manifesting abundance, what a lesson!

Mike Dooley insists that “thoughts become things” and now I’ve got my proof.

The funny thing is, I’m not worried. I just learned how to manifest – and how to unmanifest.

I think I’ll start manifesting bigger and better things.

Ain’t the Universe grand? ๐Ÿ™‚



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