Does Life Coaching Ruin Comedy?

So many comedies rely on the terrible choices their characters make for their humor. Yeah, that can be funny. When Jane (Meryl Streep) has an affair with her married ex-husband in “It’s Complicated,” I know it’s a bad choice. She knows it’s a bad choice. But it was a comprehensible bad choice. When hilarity ensues, you’re not still shaking your head at her stupidity. It was a bad choice, but it wasn’t a stupid choice.

Far too many comedies have characters that make choices so nonsensical you’re more likely to be dumbstruck (literally) than amused.

I enjoyed the movie “Horrible Bosses.” It was funny and had a great cast.

It’s about three friends, each having bosses so horrible that together they decide to murder them. Makes Jane’s bad choice look pretty tame in comparison, huh?

Anyone would notice how crazy the premise is. I watched it with my ex, who enjoyed the movie but noted “they’re immoral!” And yet we all know, fiction requires a suspension of disbelief. If you can handle a disturbing premise, you just roll with it and enjoy the ride.

Now that I’m a life coach, though, I was struck than usual by just how many alternatives these characters had.

Instead of enjoying the ride, I was thinking about how I’d coach these guys!

So did life coaching ruin this comedy for me? No, but it did get me thinking:

How would I coach Nick, Dale, and Kurt?

Tune in to the next blog entries to find out…

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