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My Christmas Buttermilk Miracle (or Why I Love Easy World)

One of the coolest things I discovered this year was Easy World. Julia Rogers Hamrick wrote a book called Choosing Easy World. When you invoke it, life just gets easier. .

How do you invoke Easy World? According to Hamrick, you simply say to yourself “I choose to live in Easy World, where everything is easy.” Then you take a deep breath. And then you relax your muscles.

Sounds simplistic, but when I tried it, to my surprise, it worked! Maybe it was just a shift in outlook. But in her book, she describes uncanny coincidences, making it a fun read.

I bought the book, as well as a companion daybook, which has two pages of prompts to write in daily. I started my entries in April, but used it less frequently as the months went by, until I had completely forgotten about it.

A few days ago, I was looking in a drawer and saw the daybook. I hadn’t even realized that I had forgotten about it! The last entry was from August. The next morning I started writing in it again. That was this past Sunday, and I’ve written in it every day since.

I had an uncanny EW experience the very next day.

I decided to make my own chip dip to bring to our family Christmas gatherings. I found a dip recipe that called for Greek yogurt, dried herbs and dried buttermilk. Dried buttermilk? Never heard of it. I wrote down the ingredients and headed to the grocery store, figuring I’d settle for a packet of dried onion soup mix if I couldn’t find the dried buttermilk.

The organic section didn’t have dried buttermilk and it didn’t occur to me to look elsewhere. The onion soup mix contained MSG and hydrolyzed protein. My cousin-in-law has an MSG allergy, so making an exception for the holiday was out of the question.

Only one option remained. Look for the pre-made dips in the dairy section. They too had unhealthy ingredients, but at this point, I felt I had no choice. (I later learned that they too contained MSG.)

My shopping trip was almost over. I went to the Entenmann’s table, where – ironically perhaps – I was buying my son a box of pastry as a gift, something I would not ordinarily allow him to have. There was a little yellow box on the table, clearly misplaced. At first I ignored it. Then I decided, for no reason, to see what it was. Can you guess?

Yes, it was a little box of dried buttermilk!

In all my life, I’d never heard of dried buttermilk, let alone come across a box of it.

Could it have been just a coincidence? I suppose. But if it was, it was an uncanny one.

With a story like that, I half expected the dip to turn out to be spectacular. Well, not quite. But it was fine. Nobody was allergic to it. And maybe the people who ate it felt just a little bit better than whey would have, had they eaten MSG, hydrolyzed protein, partially hydrogenated oil, etc. (seriously, look this stuff up and you’ll never want to eat anything pre-made again).

I won’t be forgetting that EW daybook or invocation any time soon.

Happy Holidays!


P.S. The links to Julia’s pages are not affiliate links and I will not make a commission if you buy them. I just want you to be able to easily find them and check them out if you’re interested.


Black Friday without the Crowds

If you hate crowds as much as I do, you’ll be glad to know that online businesses are getting into the act. Today I replaced my burnt-out iPod 3 with a new iPod 4. I’d have paid Apple $80 to replace the iPod 3, but today only, is offering the white, 8 GB iPod 4 for $126 and free (albeit slow) shipping.

You can find that deal here: 8GB iPod 4

And what are some good deals for heart-based entrepreneurs?


If you haven’t got a hosting account yet, I’m very happy with HostGator. Today only, they’re offering half off all hosting packages. The offer ends at midnight.

HostGator Black Friday Special

 Next is a really fun one:


Many heart-based entrepreneurs get how raising your vibration increases your chances of success. This may be the most enjoyable way to do that.

Founder Kaitlyn Keyt has used scientific principles to create fun, colorful products that – can you guess? – bring your Vibes Up!

Products include bracelets, teddy bears, water bottles, even shampoos and deodorants. There are 18 kinds of bracelets to help you raise your vibration around love, stress, abundance, and more. They make great gifts too.

This week you can get 41% off items that are not already on sale, or not part of a discount package, if you enter the following coupon code: THANKFUL41

AND, today only, you’ll get a surprise for every $50 you spend if you type “surprise me” into the comment box.

Visit this site’s very fun store here:

VibesUp Online Store

Also, today only, for every $50 you spend, VibesUp will send you a surprise gift, if you type the words “surprise me” into the comment box.


Dress for success at Nordstrom. Not only are the clothes gorgeous – shipping is always free. They’ve got some good deals going on today:

Nordstrom’s Black Friday Sale

Enjoy your great deals – from the comfort and solitude of your own home. 🙂




Sales Letter Hype (what not to do)

Just for fun..

I was digging through some old files and found something from my copywriting days. While I’d seen plenty of excellent copywriting, I’d seen more than my share of hype-filled sales letters promising ridiculous amounts of money, to be had by simply purchasing the copywriter’s product (a steal at $997!) and spending 10 minutes a day using it.

This is my satire on that, and a frankly outrageous example of what not to do when writing copy:

MegaToddler Day Care


P.S. I’m a children’s musician, so please don’t be mad at me – I love kids! 😉


What would you really say in an elevator?

“What do you do for a living?”

How do you answer that question?

Every solopreneur is told to have an elevator speech. But we usually craft them very carefully and only use them at networking meetings, during a pre-determined time when we are allotted 30 to 60 seconds in which to share said pitch.

I’m not saying those speeches aren’t valuable or powerful. But would you really say yours to a stranger as you shared an elevator ride? Or to that interesting woman you met at your cousin’s wedding? The one who would be a perfect client?

“I’m a coach” or “I’m a Reiki practitioner” won’t do the trick. Nobody knows what that really means – especially not in terms of how it can help them or even solve their biggest problems.

Think in terms of the solution you provide. Who is your target audience? What do they most need and want? Where is their pain? How do you provide them with real, meaningful relief from that pain? Even better, why should they choose you over someone else who provides the same solution?

Take that and craft it into a sentence or two that you can say comfortably to someone like your elevator partner, or that wedding guest, without sounding like it’s a pitch. It takes time and practice, but then, so does anything worthwhile.

Do you have any hints or advice? If you do, please share below!

Many New Offerings for You!

I have been busy as a bee working on some new offerings for you. My new theme is “Taming the Marketing Monster” and in fact, I’ve decide to change my company name and branding. I even have a monster, who will debut soon. (Her name is Bop.)

First, I am offering a one-time workshop on Taming the Marketing Monster in Acton, MA on Wednesday, March 7. The workshop is limited to six participants. Two have signed up, so at this point, there is still plenty of room. I’m offering this through Meetup (a great resource, by the way). Please be aware that you must sign up for the group first, and then also RSVP for the workshop. Just joining the group will not count as an RSVP.

Here’s the link to join the group:

Marketing Monster Tamers of Acton

And the link to RSVP for the workshop:

Taming the Marketing Monster workshop

I’m also offering a six-part Marketing Monster MasterMind in Westford, MA. You can learn more about that here:

Marketing Monster MasterMind

And you might have noticed that I’m also offering an email series on seven common home page copywriting mistakes. To receive that series, just fill in your first name and email address on the form to the right. Yes, you will end up on my list. But I will never share it and you can unsubscribe at any time.

And now I have a question for you. If you’re not in Eastern Massachusetts, would you be interested in a Taming the Marketing Monster tele-workshop, or a fee-based Marketing Monster MasterMind telegroup? I would love to hear your thoughts, so I encourage you to comment below.




The Best Kind of Selling

I was at Trader Joe’s checking out their food demo. It was a flatbread pizza with lots of great toppings, but I couldn’t try it because of my wheat sensitivity.

So when Bob, the food demo guy, offered me a sample, I told him why I couldn’t eat it.

Bob asked me if I’d tried their gluten-free pizza, Pizza al Pollo Asado. I hadn’t, and I miss pizza! He asked co-worker Suz to show me where it was. She did, and then she offered to get me a printed list of all Trader Joe’s gluten-free foods. I declined.

Suz then pointed out the gluten-free chocolate chip cookies that were right across the aisle from the gluten-free pizzas. If there’s one thing I miss as much as pizza, it’s chocolate chip cookies!

I happily went home with a pizza and cookies and ate both for lunch.

As I ate my pizza I wondered – was this customer service or was it selling?

I decided it was the best kind of selling. The kind in which the customer service is the selling.

How can you serve your customers or potential customers by letting them know how your product or service can truly help them?

That’s the kind of selling we can all be proud of.



Tame your Marketing Monster in Acton, MA, on February 16

Does marketing make you cringe? Do you think it’s tacky or distasteful? Or maybe you don’t hate marketing in general. You just hate doing it. It feels selfish or uncomfortable.

If your vision of marketing has fangs and sharp claws, you can tame that monster and turn it into a purring pussycat. Marketing, done thoughtfully and with integrity, is your friend. Honest.

Best of all, marketing that purrs is far more effective than marketing that bites and claws.

I’m offering a Monster Taming workshop in Acton, MA on Thursday, February 16, from 10am to 11:30am. It could go to noon if needed.

In this interactive workshop, you’ll answer questions about marketing that will help you better understand what’s holding you back from effectively getting the word out about your business.

We’ll also do a short visualization that will help you get clarity on your marketing approach.

You’ll walk away with one “action item” to move you towards success in marketing yourself in a way that feels right to you. I’ll hold you accountable for that action, and follow up with you a week later and see how you fared with your action item.

“The workshop surpassed my expectations. I like the way you used questions to bring the goals to light. Through your questions, it became obvious that people sometimes spend time on tactics that don’t match their goals.”
Michelle Emerle
Emerle Communications

To register for this workshop, visit

The group is limited to six participants, allowing each of you to – well – participate! I hope to see you there!




Get Fabienne Frederickson’s wonderful networking book at no charge

Fabienne Frederickson is fast becoming one of my very favorite client attraction coaches. She gives good advice and she seems to really care about us solopreneurs.

I found out the other day that she was giving away the e-book “The Secrets of Master Networkers,” which she usually sells for $87. It’s a step-by-step manual, with worksheets, on how to use networking to fill up your practice.

I grabbed it and I love it!

I have no idea how long she’ll be giving this away, but it’s really good. I believe the only solopreneur who wouldn’t find value in this book is one who has too many clients.

Here’s the link to sign up:

It’s not an affiliate link and I get nothing from promoting this. I just don’t want you to miss out on a great deal.





2012: Resolutions or Goals?

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? What do you resolve to do? How do you hold yourself to these resolutions?

If you break your resolutions, you’re not alone. According to Steve Shapiro’s statistics, three out of four people almost never keep their New Year’s resolutions.

I think I know why.

At the end of the year, we quickly resolve to finally lose that 20 pounds or stop smoking. It seems like the right time to do it. Unfortunately, the timing is the only factor we have in place. And that’s just not enough.

If you want to make 2012 your best year yet, here are a few ideas on setting your 2012 goals:

First, reflect on the year behind you.

Then think about what you truly want in 2012 and why you want it. How excited do you get when you think of it? What will your life be like when you’ve achieved it?

Maybe you don’t get excited about going to the gym three times a week, but you get excited imagining yourself healthy, thin, and full of energy. So going to the gym three times a week is a great resolution for you – if that’s the best way for you to become healthier, thinner, and more energetic. You may need to remember that deeper goal in order to get yourself to the gym.

Or maybe you feel guilty when you think about your wasted gym membership, but you’re excited about your business and you just don’t have time for the gym right now. Let go of the guilt and do what matters to you! You can create a goal for your business instead. Or think about what you would get out of going to the gym, and if that’s important to you, use that deeper motivation to get yourself to the gym.

The right goal for you will not be the right goal for someone else. Be sure your choices are based on what truly matters to YOU.

One more hint – use your imagination. Try spending a few minutes each day (Mike Dooley recommends no more than 10 minutes a day) imagining your life the way it will be when you’ve reached your goal. Of course, you must take action as well. But imagining it, as though you already have it, will help your goal feel possible and keep your motivation high.

Happy New Year!


Reflecting Before Resolving

In a day or two, I’ll be posting about business goals for the new year. But first let’s reflect upon the year that’s drawing to a close.

Too often we start our New Year’s resolutions with thoughts like “This is the year I’ll finally get to the gym three times a week” or “I wonder how many weeks this resolution will last?”

Reflecting on the months behind you can help you look forward with more optimism. Too often we minimize our accomplishments and magnify our shortcomings.

Here are some questions that might help you look at 2011 both thoughtfully and productively. You may want to get a notebook and paper, or you might just want to take some time to sit and think about these questions. My focus here is on business, but of course, it’s a wonderful time to reflect on all aspects of your life.

  • What did I accomplish in my business this year?
  • Of which accomplishments am I especially proud?
  • What did I want to do in 2011 that didn’t get done? Is this (or are these) still important to me? If so, why? And if so, how can I create a plan, with baby steps, to accomplish this?
  • What business activities did I do that didn’t serve me? How can I eliminate or reduce those activities in 2012?
  • Which business activities served me better than I had anticipated? How can I do more of them in 2012?
  • Who helped me in my business this year?

This is also a great time, of course, to reflect with appreciation on your clients and customers.

And, last but not least, be sure to reflect with appreciation on you! Your business would not be what it is if someone else were running it.

As you look back on 2011, it may be tempting to get upset with yourself over things you didn’t do, and real or imagined faults. But if you’ve still got a business to run in 2012 (I’m not talking about money here, I’m talking about the gifts you have to offer people), give yourself a pat on the back and know that you’re now shining even brighter than you did a year ago as you get ready to ring in the new year.