Back-to-School Coaching Special – Rare Offer

Our kids are back to school and we have more time. Much as I love having my son around, I can’t wait to do more coaching!

If you can’t wait to spend more time on yourself and your business, you’re in luck! I’m offering a special so good I probably won’t do it again.

But I only have a couple of openings, so this is a first-come, first-serve offer.

For a little while, I’m offering your first month of coaching for just $99. You’ll receive three 60-minute sessions.

If you love coaching (you probably will), you can continue at the regular rate of $297 per month. If not, no problem. You’ll certainly benefit from a month of coaching, but there’s no need to continue.

That said, you will benefit the most from a commitment of at least three months. That’s about how long it generally takes to make lasting changes in your life.

So if you decide to continue on, I will request a two-month commitment. If you continue beyond that, I book in three-month segments.

What if you’re intrigued by this offer but still not sure you want coaching?

I offer a complimentary session so you can find out more about whether coaching is right for you and whether or not we would be a good match. Although $99 is an exceptionally good rate for one month of coaching, I respect your right to experience coaching before parting with $99 of your hard-earned money. So feel free to request a complimentary session before committing to this month of coaching.

The Rules

  • This offer ends on September 30, 2011, or when I have booked all available openings, whichever comes first.
  • To take advantage of this offer, contact me to set up the first session. This session can be a complimentary session.
  • Payment is due before the first session (excluding the complimentary session, of course).
  • This offer is only valid for new clients.

A request

This is a great deal, and it’s intended for people who are serious about coaching. It’s not intended for people who want a month of coaching at a very low fee, but who have no intention of developing a longer-term coaching relationship.

So I do ask that you only take advantage of this offer if you have at least some interest in continuing the coaching relationship for longer than one month.

That said, I fully understand that you may not know whether or not you want more than a month until you’ve experienced coaching. As I said, there’s no obligation to continue.

I’m very excited to make this offer and I hope this will inspire you to give coaching a try and find out how much this exciting process can benefit you!





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