About Janet

About Janet
In January 2008, I sat across from Kyle as he dealt out Fairy cards. I wanted divine guidance on why I wasn’t making a living as a copywriter. He looked at the cards and, from within, he consulted his connection with the fairies.

The reason you’re not making enough money as a copywriter,” he said, “is because your heart isn’t in it.” I was stunned. I had invested four years and thousands of dollars into this profession. I was a single mom. This couldn’t be true. I couldn’t afford for it to be true. But there was a ring of truth in my soul.

Then where was my heart?

I thought about what this meant. Where was my heart? That led to my guitar, which I started playing again. By March, I was playing my own songs at open mikes. And yes, I could feel it in my heart when I played, whether at home alone, or in public.

But two years later, having considered music-related professions, I still didn’t know what I wanted to do to make a living. That’s when I hired a life coach.

I didn’t know much about coaching. During our complimentary session, I asked Karen if she could help me get clarity on what I really wanted. She said yes. I realize now that one of the things good life coaches do best is helping clients get clear on what they want.

My Aha Moment…

One day, looking through the materials Karen gave me, I filled out some worksheets on life purpose from Coach U. One of the questions was on what world problem I would solve if I could.

I scribbled “Self-esteem. Valuing self & others. Help others (& myself) deeply know their intrinsic deep worth & value – each & every person.” The next question asked what inkling I had of my purpose or vision. “To help others know their worth & value & to help them know the worth/value of others.”

Once I answered those questions, I knew what I wanted to do. I didn’t know how to do it, though.

I still didn’t know that, deep down, I was a coach.

Karen asked me to write down a few professions that would allow me to do this. I wrote down music therapy, life coaching, and counseling. She then had me research these three professions (coaches don’t do the work for you!).

I soon realized that coaching was the most feasible option in terms of investment of time and money, effectiveness, and demand. And because Karen is such a great coach, I was happy to know which school she had chosen. I investigated several schools, but ended up choosing Karen’s school, iPEC.

I started training in June 2010, and enjoyed a weekend that was life changing on more than just a surface level. I felt my energy shift into high gear!

I’m thrilled to have found a profession with such high, deep values – a profession that is aligned with the best parts of who I am. And a profession through which I can help people make profound changes in their lives both within and without. I’m proud to be a coach! At 50 years old, I have never felt more certain that I have found my calling.