2012: Resolutions or Goals?

Do you set New Year’s resolutions? What do you resolve to do? How do you hold yourself to these resolutions?

If you break your resolutions, you’re not alone. According to Steve Shapiro’s statistics, three out of four people almost never keep their New Year’s resolutions.

I think I know why.

At the end of the year, we quickly resolve to finally lose that 20 pounds or stop smoking. It seems like the right time to do it. Unfortunately, the timing is the only factor we have in place. And that’s just not enough.

If you want to make 2012 your best year yet, here are a few ideas on setting your 2012 goals:

First, reflect on the year behind you.

Then think about what you truly want in 2012 and why you want it. How excited do you get when you think of it? What will your life be like when you’ve achieved it?

Maybe you don’t get excited about going to the gym three times a week, but you get excited imagining yourself healthy, thin, and full of energy. So going to the gym three times a week is a great resolution for you – if that’s the best way for you to become healthier, thinner, and more energetic. You may need to remember that deeper goal in order to get yourself to the gym.

Or maybe you feel guilty when you think about your wasted gym membership, but you’re excited about your business and you just don’t have time for the gym right now. Let go of the guilt and do what matters to you! You can create a goal for your business instead. Or think about what you would get out of going to the gym, and if that’s important to you, use that deeper motivation to get yourself to the gym.

The right goal for you will not be the right goal for someone else. Be sure your choices are based on what truly matters to YOU.

One more hint – use your imagination. Try spending a few minutes each day (Mike Dooley recommends no more than 10 minutes a day) imagining your life the way it will be when you’ve reached your goal. Of course, you must take action as well. But imagining it, as though you already have it, will help your goal feel possible and keep your motivation high.

Happy New Year!


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