Coaches and solopreneurs, here’s your chance to watch a professional copywriter in action and learn how home page copywriting is done:

Watch a copywriter and certified professional coach change her home page copy, every step of the way (even the preliminary work that happens “behind the scenes”).

If you’re a coach or entrepreneur, you probably know how crucial your home page copy is. I’m about to change my coaching niche to help other certified professional coaches with writing and editing. When I  realized this niche change meant I needed to change my own copy, I had the coolest idea. Why not let you all watch me write the copy?

This page will be changing as we go along. So I plan to write blog posts detailing the changes being made and explaining the reasons for each change.

Some work won’t be visible on the page. There’s plenty of preliminary work to be done. I’ll share that work with you in these blog posts as well.

I believe this process will be most useful if you’re able to follow my progress as we go along. But if you’re late to the party, that’s okay too. The blog posts should help you keep track of the steps taken.

If you’d like to receive an email each time I write a blog post, just fill out the form below. You’ll receive a link to the blog post and to the home page so that you can follow my progress in real time.

Watch me write my home page copy, step by step

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I hope you find this approach helpful in learning how to write your own copy!


Janet Beatrice
Copywriter and Certified Professional Coach